Trouble Sleeping

People suffering from a mental illness such as anxiety often have trouble sleeping at night. They have trouble falling asleep, tossing and turning, insomnia and/or nightmares. Their sleep patterns are disturbed from constant worrying and being mentally overwhelmed, which negatively affects their quality of sleep and leaves them feeling even more exhausted after a full night’s rest. We wake up feeling, at best, slightly more rested than we were when we crawled into bed in the first place. We never seem to recharge properly. Our bodies never have time to reset. Our minds are always racing.

#Anxiety - TopicsWithPassion.blogWhen I can, I hide in my bedroom to try and recharge.

We put an immense amount of effort into focusing on the tasks they’re supposed to do or perform during the day, while our minds are trying to carry them down other worries, struggling to remember just what those tasks are and trying not to fall asleep at the office.



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