It could be worse

When I have a bad day, being told that it could have it worse and that I should be thankful isn’t very helpful. I never said I wasn’t thankful. I am grateful I can still walk, I just wish every step wasn’t excruciating pain.

I am quite aware that many have it worse than me. It’s doesn’t mean that my pain isn’t difficult to live with. Your struggle doesn’t negate from someone else’s and vice versa.

When you start expecting to wake up with the pain every day. It’s bad enough. When you regularly have so much pain that you cannot function or walk. That’s bad. Telling me that someone has it worse, it’s solving my issue or making it better.


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  1. Oooh I like this! Absolutely true … and of course there’s always someone worse off, more ill, in more pain, poorer, etc etc but there are also people at the other end of the scale with great health, masses of money and a fabulous life … there will always be extremes and we know that, but personally I don’t want to be compared to those even worse off than myself. I’d like a bit of normal. I’m not asking to have perfection but I LOATHE it when I’m compared to someone worse off than myself! Great post ❤️

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