Parenting & Body Shaming

I have been part of raising 5 children and every single one had a different metabolism. They were all fed the same meals, yet none of them had the same height, weight or body shape. It’s perfectly normal.

Body shaming is wrong. Especially when it’s coming from parents. Home is supposed to be a safe place. Yet, for so many, it’s just another place where they are judged and put pressure on.

Body Shaming - TopicsWithPassion,blogDid you know that 52% of girls start a diet before the age of 14?

I personally think that’s seriously wrong. We should be more careful about the message we send our children.

Through all of our actions, we support and encourage women of all ages, but especially girls, to become actively involved and develop critical thinking about body image so that social norms evolve. 

I will continue to allow my children to wear whatever they please as long as it’s weather appropriate.


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