Surviving Breast Cancer

Having breast cancer means that part of your breast will be removed. It can be 1/2 of the breast, the 1/3 of the breast, 3/4, but there is a part of the breast that disappears, and in the end, there is a breast asymmetry, and that is very indisposing for the woman in terms of aesthetics, in terms of self-esteem, the way the person sees themselves. There are people who have depressions as a result of that

No matter the appearance, shape and colour of your chest, it does not indicate your level of beauty and your gender. Feminity is not characterized by the presence of breasts and masculinity by their absence. Your gender belongs to you completely and it is not defined by your body, nor by the changes that can take place, whatever the circumstances.

Regardless of whether you have had partial or total breast removal, you are beautiful, respectable and desirable people. Never forget that you are worth a lot, that you are important, and that a mastectomy does not diminish your beauty.

You are wonderful people and you deserve to be celebrated by everyone for who you are.

The Quebec government will now reimburse 100% of the estimated costs for external breast prostheses for women who have had a mastectomy because of breast cancer. Unlike breast reconstruction, the external breast prosthesis is worn in the bra in order to restore the aesthetic appearance. Until very recently, public funds covered only 50% of the costs, and only for women who had received a total mastectomy. However, nearly 70% of women treated for breast cancer will have to undergo a partial removal of the breast. 

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