Plastic Pollution

Water is life. We should all remember this! Plastic pollution is choking our oceans. Plastic products are wreaking havoc on marine and coastal habitats all around the world. The garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is now three times the size of France.

We’ve all seen images of pollution in our oceans and lakes. Millions of tons of plastic trash are circulating through the ocean transporting organisms all over the world affecting coastal ecosystems. It’s everywhere. Plastic bags, straws, bottles, styrofoam cups, wrappers, and much more…

How long before it’s gone? Plastic is infamously durable.

  • Balloons take 6 months
  • Disposable diapers take 450 years
  • Milk Carton takes 5 years
  • Plastic Bags takes 10 to 20 years
  • Plastic bottles take 450 years
  • Rubber boot soles take 50 to 80 years
  • Styrofoam takes 50 years

Please keep in mind that gone means it was absorbed into the ground and our water currents.

Meanwhile, animals get stuck in plastic containers and cups. So, if you’re going to litter or even toss cups like this in a garbage that animals have access to, pop the lid off first.

“But you can’t make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up under then. It can’t last.” – Fahrenheit 451

Feeling powerless about plastic pollution? We all have to do our bit after all this is the planet we all live in.

  •  Let us all reduce the amount of plastic in our lives and allow the future generation to inherit a cleaner earth;
    • Reuse plastic shopping bags or carry reusable bags when you go shopping.
    • Stop using plastic straws.
    • Stop using plastic water bottles. The water in them isn’t better for your health than tap water. If you absolutely want a water bottle, purchase a reusable water bottle.
    • Stop using scrubs that contain microplastics. In many areas, these are now illegal to sell and purchase.
  • Let’s recycle everything that can be recycled: plastic, paper, cardboard, metal cans, and glass;
  • Overconsumption destroys the planet slowly. Today make a gesture, do not buy anything;
  • We need to demand a lot more from our politicians in the fight against climate change. We need concrete and effective actions and not just beautiful speeches.

We can all make a difference. Here are some other ways you can help change the tides:


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