What feminism is not

Some people have strange ideas about what feminism represents. Feminism promotes equality for all human beings, regardless of class, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation.

What #feminism is not - TopicsWithPassion.blogSome say that feminism promotes rape through immodest dress. Women and men get raped no matter what they are wearing. It has nothing to do with attractiveness or clothing. Feminism has confidence that men are able to control themselves and act like decent human beings.

Some say that feminism promotes rape through drunkenness. Why would drinking excuse men’s behaviour, but condemn women’s behaviour?

Some say that feminism promotes rape by hanging with homosexuals. How is hanging with people who aren’t sexually attracted to you promoting rape?

Some say that feminists hate men because they despise obedience. Yes, we do despise obedience. If everyone is equal, no one should have rights to control another human being. Relationships should be based on mutual love and respect.

Some say that feminists hate men and want all of them dead. Equality doesn’t mean genocide of an entire gender. If you prefer dying than respecting women as human being, the issue is with you, not feminism.

Some say that feminists are murderers who kill their own children. Being pro-choice doesn’t mean being pro-abortion. It means fighting for women to have access to birth control and have the power to plan a family when both people in the relationship is ready for it. Deciding when to start a family, especially if you’re a working woman, can be difficult, not having the choice at all is inhuman. It means valuing women’s lives and health above that of an unborn.

Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?‘ – Bill Nye

Some say that feminist are welfare leeches. Feminist women and men are from a variety of classes and education level. I am a university graduate and have never been on welfare. My husband, on the other hand, has been on welfare once between two jobs. There is nothing wrong about this.

Some say that feminists are evil single mothers. Having family values means having two parents who love and respect each other, sometimes that means that these two people cannot live together as a couple.

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