Emotional and mental balance

It’s a good reminder that emotional and mental balance can only be achieved by experiencing all kinds of emotions. It is not about living in eternal positivist, just as it isn’t good to do so in a permanent negativity. The reality is that emotions try to send us a message. We need to quit the guilt trip and own our feelings.

So, if we want to achieve emotional balance so that it is a positive impact on our well-being, we mustn’t completely remove and hide our negative emotions. It is obvious that each of them has its moment, so it is important that we are the ones who, in an intelligent way, choose the path by which we want it to pass. This is the more tricky part. 

The problem is that society has thought us that emotional strength or maturity means hiding your feelings, which is completely wrong. If you really want to read someone’s feelings, focus on their voice, not their face as they are probably wearing a mask.


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