A smile hides a lot

I was in a good mood this morning, even after the coffee machine ate my k-cup and gave me no coffee at all. Coworkers passed by my desk and one of them commented that I looked much better today and that the pain must be gone. I looked at her still smiling and said: “Oh no. My right leg hurts so much right now, I’m thinking of using a chainsaw to cut it off. It would probably be less painful to do so.” She blinked a couple of time and replied: “But you look happy!”. I responded that I was. The pain is indeed much less than it was yesterday, so I’m grateful for the respite.

I don’t think they were expecting that kind of response, but it’s the reality of people dealing with Fibromyalgia or/and Chronic Pain. We can be hurting to the point of wanting to mutilate our bodies or hide under the covers and cry our lives, but we still get up and smile most of the time.


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