A smile hides a lot

A smile hides a lot more than most people imagine. Anyone dealing with chronic illness or/and mental illness knows this.

I was in a good mood this morning, even after the coffee machine ate my k-cup and gave me no coffee at all. That’s a miracle in itself.

Coworkers passed by my desk and one of them commented that I looked much better today and that the pain must be gone. I looked at her still smiling and said: “Oh no. My right leg hurts so much right now, I’m thinking of using a chainsaw to cut it off. It would probably be less painful to do so.” She blinked a couple of time and replied: “But you look happy!”. I responded that I was. The pain is indeed much less than it was yesterday, so I’m grateful for the respite.

I don’t think they were expecting that kind of response, but it’s the reality of people dealing with Fibromyalgia or/and Chronic Pain. We can be hurting to the point of wanting to mutilate our bodies or hide under the covers and cry our┬álives, but we still get up and smile most of the time.


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