Does autoimmune illnesses affect the healing process?

Does autoimmune illnesses affect the healing process?

I used to be a quick healer. I would scratch, cut, or hurt myself and it would be gone really fast. I never paid real attention to my small injuries because I knew it would be gone without issues.

Healing & #FibromyalgiaNow, everything takes forever to heal and leaves permanent marks. I also bruise a lot easier. I also am more at risk of infection, which just complicates everything.

I knew that the difference was my health. I have Graves’ Disease and Fibromyalgia. I did some research to find out if others were experiencing the same and I wasn’t very surprised to find out that I wasn’t alone.

It seems that the cause is autoimmune illnesses.

This is why proper wound care is extremely important for us. We have to make sure to clean any cuts or scratches and keep ointment and a bandage on it, giving it a better chance of healing, as well as protecting against infection. If it looks infected see a doctor right away.


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