I’m a WhatsApp user. 

#WhatsApp - TopicsWithPassion.blogThe app has not only gone well beyond other messaging services in popularity, which were already in a very good position, but it also ushered in a new era of social relations through technology.

According to a study by Global Web Index, which conducts research on the use of WhatsApp in 34 countries, it is estimated that 40% of Internet users use this messaging system. I was actually expecting the number to be higher.

It has also been learned that its use has an upward trend in people between 16 and 64 years old. Makes sense since I’m somewhere in the middle of that range.

One of the decisive factors in WhatsApp’s success is the simplicity and functionality with which groups can be created and managed. It also cuts down on incoming and outgoing phone call and text expenses.

The only thing I refuse to do on WhatsApp is to backup my communications to the “cloud”. The reason why is that once your conversation is on a server you open yourself to privacy issues, especially when the servers are in the United States who has very different privacy rules than we have here in Canada.




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