Fibromyalgia can be confusing to understand

Fibromyalgia can be confusing to understand especially when you don’t have it.

It’s important to understand that people who have fibromyalgia do not go a day without experiencing some weird symptoms. It’s not just about pain or being sore. It’s deep aching pain all over.

Healing & #FibromyalgiaMost people wake up after what for most would be a full night of restorative sleep feeling reinvigorated, but individuals with fibromyalgia wake up from that kind of sleep like they barely slept at all and retaining that feeling all day, every day.

Dealing with pain is utterly exhausting. What used to be simple tasks take 3 times longer and can drain every last bit of energy. Even taking a shower in the morning can leave you bedridden for the day if you’re not careful. Yes, taking a shower can hurt and drain us of all our energy. Listening to our body becomes imperative to our survival. Do you realize how difficult it is to admit you need help drying your own hair after using all the energy you add on taking a shower and your arms hurt too much to hold the dryer?

A gentle touch can feel like a punch. I remember one day as we were leaving my mother’s house, she gave me a hug and I almost fell unconscious has her arm on my back felt like I had been hit by a baseball bat.

“Am I getting sick or is it just the fibromyalgia?” We get so used to strange symptoms and pain that it becomes difficult to identify when you actually caught a virus.

Simple weather changes cause a massive flare-up. I live in Quebec. If anyone’s been watching the weather lately in this region of the world. It’s been a mix of warm and cold, snow and rain, and let’s just say that my body has felt every single change and made me pay for it. How the sky simply getting ready to rain makes your muscles feel like they are tearing and your bones feel like they’re about to eject from your body?

#Anxiety - TopicsWithPassion.blogUnfortunately, many individuals believe that we are exaggerating but we know how bad it is and the second it starts we need to take medication right away so that once it does start raining its not quite as bad.

The worst part about having fibromyalgia is that we remember the people we were before getting sick. We miss the person we were before the pain. We miss the energy we had before the pain. We miss the respect and support from some of our old friends, our coworkers and managers if we manage to retain our jobs and also some of my family. 

We miss having fun. I miss hiking every single weekend, wild camping, being able to take on a project without pain flaring up and stopping all attempts at living a normal life.   We miss who we used to be but most of all the pain is almost unbearable. I personally miss all the time I now spend sleeping because of exhaustion that never truly goes away.


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    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s been a difficult week and I’ve been looking for a way to put it all into words. I read your article and it’s amazing to hear our struggle in different words can resonate so much. Thank you for sharing with me. I’ve also shared your article on my Facebook page, because I believe everyone should read it. 🙂

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