Earth Day

When the world is your playground, you have to do your part to take care of it. We should never take more than we give.

Climate change is not a lie created by the world’s liberals to pick up taxpayers’ money. Pointing at other countries and pointing out that they are doing worse for the environment than we are, isn’t helping either. Whether you believe it or not, it’s not a reason to keep destroying the planet.

Ecosystems everywhere are set to change drastically. If there is any hope of overcoming the climate crisis, it is by leaving almost all oil sands oil available in the soil.

Why governments and business do not grasp the global climate emergency? Because they are more interested in short-term economic gains over environmental protection. These political and business individuals are thinking about themselves only. We’ll make money now and climate change can be the next generation’s issue. They do not care, for the most part, about the fate of the planet and future generations. They want only their little moment of glory and privileges that follow.

We can no longer accept people in power putting short-term economic gains over environmental protection. The oil and gas industry is much more vulnerable than one might think. Let’s bring attention to the scarring and profiteering of our planet. We need to stand up and stop our leaders from destroying, looting, ransacking and polluting again and again in the name of profit.

We have the power to change. We have to realize it and demand change from those who promote it and we have to change our own habits as well.

“No amount of oil money could offset the loss of our last vast wildland” – Robert Redford.

We need to hold people in power accountable. We need a government that has the courage to stand up against the oil companies in Alberta. We, as Canadian residents, must become a nightmare for the oil companies.

These massive pipelines have already caused several oil spills, the exact opposite of what oil companies said would happen.

“We’ve got to design for the future, not for the past. The latest tragic oil spill coming from the Keystone Pipeline is one more example of the wrong values at work. There is no safe pipeline. There is no second-chance to protect our sacred landscapes and to protect our waters. No do-overs if we get it wrong. Don’t believe the spin. Reject the oil industry rhetoric. Resist.” – Robert Redford

We must convince investors to withdraw their investments from the fossil fuel industry. We must attack (non-violently) the institutions that finance these projects.

The world needs to say no to coal, to nuclear, to fracking, etc. We aren’t saying that we need to return to the Stone Age to save the planet. We have plenty of modern options that are better for the environment. The price of a solar panel has decreased by 80% for 10 years and it continues to fall.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles hit the market. They are made of tempered glass and are 3 times stronger than standard roofing tiles. They also come with a tile lifetime guarantee and a power warranty of 30 years. Right now the technology is still expensive, but it’s changing fast. Soon everyone will be able to power their homes with green energy.

Nature gives us so many gifts. We need to protect it so our families can enjoy clean air, water, and incredible wildlife for generations to come.

Just one plant can cut indoor air pollution by 87%.

Like countless other issues in the world, I hope we rise from the sidelines to rediscover that collectively, the world is in our hands.

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