English Language Day

April 23rd is English Language Day.

English is my second language. I attended English college and university. I speak better in French but write better in English. Then again, I was at a meeting the other day at my child’s French high school and I was having a lot of difficulties sticking to the French language. English words kept creeping in.

Knowing the language is the equivalent of opening a window to discover an entire culture. Lots of things that I did not know before and that I can now appreciate thanks to English. I have friends coming from all over the place, and it’s often the language that unites us, that allows us to communicate with each other.

The downside of being strong - TopicsWithPassion.blogDon’t be afraid to make mistakes. The importance is to make an effort. Congrats!

If you are one of those people who judges broken English, be patient if our English isn’t perfect. Are you multi-lingual? Probably not. It’s not easy.

You reinforce your strengths and work on your weaknesses every time that you do something that is difficult.

It’s also important to look at which words we use. Language matter. Examine your language when talking about women. Get rid of “irrational,” “dramatic,” “bossy,” and “badgering” immediately.


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