Fear of rejection

Rejection is present in every moment of our life and yet, we often have trouble accepting that. There are so many psychology article out there that say rejection is one of the worst emotions/experience we go through. This is why so many of us have a fear of rejection. Personally I think that grief is much worst.

In high school I approached a boy I had feelings for and he laughed then told the entire school who proceeded to tease me about my feelings and wanting someone who was too good for me. It hurt a lot. The public embarrassment was worst.

It took me years to get the courage to make the first move again. I’ve learned that the rewards are often worth the risk.

Fear of rejection - TopicsWithPassion.blogWhether it’s love or friendship or job opportunities, we will all experience rejection. Some people really feel terrified when they have to ask for a raise or start a new relationship. Some feel so terrified and that lash out. We need to teach kids that rejection is a natural part of life and that it’s not okay to lash out. Too many acts of violence or murder are done by men who can’t take no for an answer. This is unacceptable.

In addition, the fear of rejection can prevent us from achieving our goals. It can silence us in the face of injustice or accept any toxic relationship.

A strong person does not accept any of this. On the contrary, she/he is ready to face rejection. She/he understands that life is so short that it is useless to live in fear of rejection. She/he knows it is rewarding for them to face their fears and take risk.


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  1. I think rejection becomes the most problematic when we generalize it from the specific context and turn it into a rejection of our entire selves across all contexts.

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