Why learn mindfulness?

Mindfulness provide our bodies with powerful tools to help cope with pain. Utilizing the mind and a positive attitude can influence our pain. It’s not a cure all, but mindfulness has been shown in studies to be beneficial.

hair-2583672_1920Mindfulness skills are especially indispensable when I get caught in the net of too much ruminating about the past or when I can’t stop fretting and worrying about the future. As an anxiety sufferer, worrying is second nature. Mindfulness helps keep the storm under control or back into control.

When I become aware that I’m getting lost in my worries, I take a few conscious in- and out-breaths, and pay attention to the what’s going on right now around me. Like Jessica Jones I start naming streets names or what I see around me. If my husband is near, I discuss my worries and he help me gain perspective.

Even if the experience of the moment is not a pleasant one, at least I’m present for it, and that feels better than being lost in a million doomsday future possibilities that serve only to increase my mental distress.

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