My husband, my rock

My heartfelt wish for everyone is that you have one dependable friend or family member, someone who is around when the tears start and you just can’t take it anymore. In my life, that person is my husband.

18699951_1686397258054305_59713059669945759_n We met through a dating website. I took 5 dates before he asked me to hold his hand. We were both already parents and wary of who we brought into our children’s lives. It wasn’t long after we moved in together that I injured my knee, which wouldn’t heal and after a few medical test I learned that I had Graves Disease. That was the first step to a very long journey of medical appointment, more tests and more chronic illness diagnosis. I had radiation right after our honeymoon and had to be in quarantine. So our first week back to reality after our wedding, we couldn’t even be in the same room.

He is indispensable to me. I can count on my husband to rush to my side if I need help, to listen to me, to offer wise counsel, and to have incredible patience as I go through moments of panic, depression and incredible pain. He always manages to end each day with laughter. That alone is a beautiful miracle.


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