Rear-View Camera

Did you know that starting May 1, 2018, all new light-duty vehicles manufactured for the Canadian market must be equipped with a rear-view camera?

Driving Safety - TopicsWithPassion.blogThis means that even the basic models of the cheapest cars on the market will have to be equipped with a camera at the back and a screen to display it at the front of the vehicle.

According to the parameters of this new law, the images of the reversing camera must be activated automatically when the driver goes into reverse and must capture an area of ​​three meters by six meters behind the vehicle.

According to Ministry of Transportation statistics, rear-end crashes accounted for 27 fatalities and 1,500 injuries in Canada between 2004 and 2009. By making the reversing camera mandatory, the Canadian government hopes to see this figure go down drastically.

While the reversing camera is a wonderful tool for many reasons, you should not let go of the natural reflex of looking where you’re going both backwards and forwards.


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