Is microblading safe?

I try to keep up to date with beauty fashion mostly to be informed of what standards is being marketed to my daughter and step-daughter. I want them to be aware that these beauty options sometime comes with negative effects. I try to drill it into them that with any aesthetic work, it’s always better to do your research before you start!

Microblading is a beauty trend that has grown enormously in recent years and its long-term effect is often overlooked.

people-2597995_1920The process is simple: micro-incisions are made under the bristles of the eyebrows and an ink is applied to create a naturally more abundant brow bone effect.

Unfortunately, microblading is not suitable for everyone and some people learn it the hard way.

Many forget that although microblading is a semi-permanent solution, it leaves traces on the skin that can remain forever. Unfortunately, what remains behind may become unflattering over time. For example, you can end up with orange marks apparent under the brow bone.

If you are tempted to visit a microblading expert, be aware that you may not be the ideal candidate. Those who spend a lot of time in the sun or who lack iron, for example, could end up with traces on their skin that remain forever. Since the ink is based on iron oxide, the body absorbs it when it is lacking.

For those who want to erase the traces of microblading that remain, some options are possible. The softest solution is to exfoliate your eyebrows regularly. Salicylic acid cleaners and serums can also help fade the ink. If those don’t work for you, there is always the option of using laser removal.  It’s quick, efficient, but expensive solution.



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