Sexual Coercion

Sexual coercion is any type of behavior that is used to force another person’s sexual will.

legs-407196_1920In teens, sexual violence takes on many faces. Blackmail, manipulation, sexual games and unconscious touching are commonplace in the corridors of the multipurpose, denounce several teenage girls. My own experience is pretty terrifying for any parent sending their teenager to school.

The main problem remains the exchange of intimate photos, a new form of sexual violence that is wreaking havoc in high schools.

Some teens take inappropriate actions, such as sexual assault, and some even go to court, but that was not their intention. It is a belief that they have developed in their brain. It’s very sad, because they do not even have an aggressor profile.

The availability of explicit sexual material also pushes young people to trivialize the exchange of intimate photos. A survey, conducted among 12- to 18-year-olds by the Marie-Vincent Foundation, reveals that one in four young people in a relationship has already shared intimate images with their partner.

They share these intimate images with confidence with their lovers. The problem is when the relationship ends. Teenagers use these compromising images to ask for sexual favors or other forms of benefits

You look fine - TopicsWithPassion.blogOften, the guys will make threats for you to send them a nude. Or they will challenge you by saying: you’re not game.

There are also closed social media groups on which, for a few dollars, they can have access to photos of several girls in the school.

After, the girls are called sluts.. This is really disgusting. It destroys lives. Many teenage girl have wanted to commit suicide because of that. It really has to stop.

Several teenage girls reported being the target of unwanted touching in the corridors. This is often part of “games” invented by boys, such as the “buttock tag” and the “breasts tag”, where a boy has 10 seconds to touch a girl, failing which he gets hit by others.

Adolescent girls report the difficulty of denouncing such behavior to the school authorities. They say they are not taken seriously, that nothing is done with boys. But when actions are taken – whether it’s to enhance security around a place or when charges are laid against the alleged abuser – teenage girls are often stigmatized by their peers



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