Celebrate your strength

No matter what your struggle is, I guarantee you that you are much stronger than you believe. Celebrate your strength.

There’s been ample opportunity to call it quits, to throw in the towel, declare it all “too much,” and yet, no matter how tempting it may be, you don’t. Every day your feet hit the floor, and you go at it again.

Inner Warrior - TopicsWithPassion.blogYou make plenty of jokes about quitting everything, changing your name, your job, your identity and moving to an inhabited island, but you don’t. I do this regularly.

Not only are you still physically present but also you’re still emotionally engaged. You’re still fighting. You are amazing.

You may stop and take a breath. You may come up for air but you always go back to the fight. You’re a bad ass.

The truth is you’re tougher than you like to give yourself credit for because you’re afraid it might run out one day. I know I do. There are moments when I’m pretty certain I won’t make it, but I still do. Let’s just celebrate the incredible tenacity you’ve demonstrated every single day of this journey thus far.


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