Breasts don’t define you

Breasts don’t define you. Breasts should not be serialized automatically everywhere and all the time. They do not exist for the ultimate purpose of seducing and pleasing the eyes of others. It is necessary to break these strong ideologies, which are based on systemic sexism.

#Breasts don't define you - TopicsWithPassion.blogSeeing breasts peak out of a shirt or dress is not synonymous with consent or a call to sexual contact.

Breasts are only a part of the body, which does not indicate anything about a person’s will, identity and personality.

Moreover, many people have changes to their breasts, by choice or not. Whether it is for medical, surgical, aesthetic, sexual or identity reasons, these people are beautiful, valuable and respectable.

It should be remembered that the presence or absence of breasts on an individual does not define her or his gender. We need to stop this association done collectively, which reinforces stereotypes, prejudices, but also greatly trans-phobia. A woman who has no breasts, or who has been ablated is not a lesser or a fake woman. If she identifies as a woman, she is a woman. The same principle applies to all people, whether they identify as men, non-binary, gender-fluid, gender-queer or other.

Everything that constitutes and belongs to a person, such as her/his identity, her/his gender, her/his consent, her/his choices, her/his physical and mental health conditions, her/his characteristics and her/his personality, belongs to her/him entirely. There is no room for discussion or interpretation by others, regardless of the appearance of their body and chest.


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