Make a fuss

Since I’ve been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses I’ve faced the strange belief that people with chronic pain should be invisible, like their illness. I disagree. Make a fuss.

You are not alone - TopicsWithPassion.blogChronic illnesses are recurring, long-term illness that can wear you down but it’s easy to feel like you’re only allowed to mention it once, or must minimize it to others. That’s not true. Your identity doesn’t have to be reduced to your illness but it also does not have to exclude it either.

It may feel like you’re burdening or irritating others by talking about your pain, but your voice doesn’t have a time limit or expiry date. Don’t let anyone silence you.

Continuing the conversation is what’s going to help others open up, realize they are not alone and expose society’s misconceptions as the myths they are.

Keep fighting, keep questioning and keep loud.


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