Awkward Moments

Awkward moments can be painful but they can also be kind of funny. If you are in need a good laugh this week, we’ve got you covered! Today, May 8th marks awkward moments day!

I personally think we could all use some laughter. I personally think that no matter what kind of day we’ve had, laughter is always welcomed.

I probably could win a prize for a number of awkward situations I can have at any given time. I’ve grown so used to the embarrassment, that I slip into finding the situation funny a lot faster than I used to. So much so, that it takes more and more for me to feel awkward anymore.

I’ve fallen flat on my face at the top of the escalator when my legs failed to move. I fell flat on my grocery bag and made a chip bag explode. Maximum sound for maximum attention. How wonderful! To anyone looking at me at the time, it looked like I simply forgot to walk. It looked like I was in one of those black and white slap stick comedies.

What are some of your awkward moments?


I love hearing from you!

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