The unknown is uncomfortable

The unknown is uncomfortable for most of us, but we don’t know how much until it’s staring us in the face. No one can predict what will happen in life, and this uncertainty causes a lot of mental stress for people with anxiety. Their fear of change coupled with the fear of the unknown takes a toll on their health, so try to be compassionate when they are worried about the future.

When people with anxiety are also dealing with chronic illness, that fear of the future is doubled. The unknown is uncomfortable and terrifying.

Living with the unknown and uncertainty of life is something both those who are undiagnosed and those who have a diagnosis must come to terms with.

I try to turn my fears into power by acting in a way that does not lead to powerlessness. This usually has the effect to diminishing the fear that lives inside me.

You don’t need to know with absolute certainty what the future will hold. You just have to trust that no matter what happens, you’ll find a way to be okay.


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