International Nurses Day

May 12th is international nurses day.

Passion, dedication, commitment, generosity, empathy, many of the qualities nurses have shown for generations. Anyone who wants to become a nurse must be serious and have a sense of responsibility. To be a nurse is not a profession, which requires scientific knowledge and rigorous training. It’s not just having a big heart and being paid for with patient recognition. Nurses deserve a decent salary and working conditions, just like the other professions. 

Nurses have spent many sleepless nights, dealt with the unavoidable uncleanness of certain tasks, smiled despite the bad mood of some patients, and have to forget the risk of contagious diseases. Treating patients who are known to be dying makes the task heavier.

Lack of staff, overwork and underfunding, after health network staff, community workers “come out of the shadows” believing that their mental health is at risk.

The difficult working conditions in which nurses have to work seem to discourage young people from choosing a career. The number of nursing school applications to Quebec CEGEPs has dropped by 22% over last 5 years.

“Burnout is an occupational hazard in nursing,” says Jeanne Geiger-Brown, dean at Stevenson University’s School of Nursing and Health Professions. 


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