Raising feminist sons

Raising feminist sons is important. There is no age to talk about feminism. On the contrary, good habits are inculcated very early. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to raise your child away from sexism, since sexism is everywhere in the world around us, starting with children stories.

Raising feminist boys - TopicsWithPassion.blogIn the light of the sexual revolution that is taking place, more and more are questioning the role of parents in training their sons for gender equality and women’s rights. These sons will be men later after all, and it is they, in particular, who will shape the society of tomorrow. In order to achieve equality, we must do more than to say to our girls that they can become what they want.  We also need to educate our sons.

The only solution is to deconstruct the stereotypes and propose another model at home. Let your son cry when he wants to learn to to express his emotions. Encourage his female friendships. Make sure that he tidies up his room (if you are able to get your teenage son or your daughter to clean their room, please share your trick). Show all your children how to cook and do laundry.

At home, it is the example that counts: difficult to explain to a boy that you have to participate in household chores if his dad does not touch the washing machine.

Sharing tasks has always been very important for me. My husband and partners before him always did half the domestic work. My husband cares a lot about his son and he makes sure that he knows that both men and women can do everything, without exception.


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