Feeling Guilty All The Time

In those moments when I struggle to walk, or drop everything, etc., I think to myself, is this life now? Is this how every day is going to be?

Healing & #FibromyalgiaI remind myself that we shouldn’t not feel guilty for having to change our life, our daily routine and our relationships. Everyone know we have to put ourselves first in order to take care of our health. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

Our bodies is basically screaming for attention 24/7. We need to give it the attention it needs. We need to listen to our bodies and care for it like we would other people, without judgment. We need to be patient with ourselves. Healing is a journey, not a destination, especially when you have an incurable disease.

Of course, most human beings have remorse or guilt, but people with anxiety feel it on a whole new spectrum. The feeling is absolutely overwhelming, and they are left feeling like everything was their fault if something doesn’t go to plan.


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