A wheelchair for freedom

I got a wheelchair from freedom.

For anyone using a wheelchair due to pain, at what point did you decide to do so, and why? 

I am taking steps to acquire my own wheelchair. People seem shock when I say this. Let me explain why. Yes, I can walk, but only for short distances. I can’t stand up in line for very long either. It doesn’t take long before overbearing pain takes over my lower back and spreads all the way to my toes. If I push through the pain, I lose the use of my legs.

I’ve had nightmares about my legs giving up under me while I’m crossing the street. I’m sprawled in front of cars and I can’t get myself up.

The last 2 years, we’ve rented a wheelchair to attend ComicCon. Yes, I’m a geek. It’s an event I don’t want to miss, but knew I couldn’t do it because of my legs. At the time, I was still under the belief that this pain would eventually get treated and it would go away. I know better now.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day and I wanted to go out. The problem was that my back was already hurting so I know I couldn’t do anything physical. We couldn’t go walk around the largest flee market in the province or take a walk near the water. So we stayed home.

This is why I want my own wheelchair. I don’t want to spend money each time I want to go out. I also don’t want to have to pre-plan everything so we can have a reserved wheelchair reserved when we want to do something. I want to sit on my sofa look outside at the beautiful sun and get inspired to do something on the spur of the moment. I want to be able to reach for my own wheelchair, put it in the back of the jeep and go.

To me owning a wheelchair means keeping a quality of life that I am currently loosing.

It’s not about giving up, like some people believe. It’s about keeping my independence and my freedom.


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