Equal Pay

Our Canadian government claims to be a feminist, but the government has not implemented any concrete measures to address these inequalities in business and assure equal pay. Women working full-time in Canada still make 26% less than their male counterparts, on average.

Another part of the issue is due to internalized sexism. Women must stop being their own worst enemy and begin to acknowledge we are all deserving of respect, understanding, and bodily integrity.

Fun fact: The featured image for this blog was originally called “men”. Not bad for a picture that has twice as much women as there are men?

“In the fight for equality for women, a lot of people say “feminism is going to break up marriages and families” … You know what? That’s okay. If your idea of a successful marriage is dependent on the oppression of women, then it’s not really worth it al all. Scatter it all!” – @TrophyHusbandD


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