World Environment Day

June 5th is World Environment Day.

Weather disasters, exposure to heat waves, and the economic costs of climate change are soaring. How many more warnings do we need?

These massive pipelines have already caused several oil spills, the exact opposite of what oil companies said would happen.

“No amount of oil money could offset the loss of our last vast wildland” – Robert Redford.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles hit the market. They are made of tempered glass and are 3 times stronger than standard roofing tiles. They also come with a tile lifetime guarantee and a power warranty of 30 years. Right now the technology is still expensive, but it’s changing fast. Soon everyone will be able to power their homes with green energy.

Like countless other issues in the world, I hope we rise from the sidelines to rediscover that collectively, the world is in our hands.

You can also make small changes in your life to be more environmentally friendly like the ones recommended by the NRDC.

  • Just one plant can cut indoor air pollution by 87%.

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