Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is purple. The colour purple is often associated with royalty, magic, and mystery. The British Royal Family and other European royalty still use it as a ceremonial colour on special occasions.

#purple - TopicsWithPassion.blogPurple is the colour of Fibromyalgia, which I have been diagnosed with after 2 years of medical testing. People wear the purple ribbon to keep yourself strong and spread awareness about this painful illness.

Lavender is my favourite flower and smell. Lavender oil has some anti-inflammatory properties, which is an issue with many Fibromyalgia patients.  Lavender oil is under preliminary research for its possible effect in alleviating anxiety and sleep disturbances.

Amethyst is my birthstone. It’s an incredibly beautiful stone.

My hair colour is currently deep purple. I like to colour my hair differently than the norm. It’s seem that being trapped in a body that is malfunctioning, as made me appreciate fun hair colours more. At least there’s one part of my appearance that I can control.

What is you favourite colour?


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