Stop associating violent crime to mental health problems

Stop associating violent crime to mental health problems. Committing violent crime is absolutely not synonymous with mental health problems.

It is extremely problematic and stigmatizing to constantly shout out mental illness as soon as a murder, an attack or any crime is committed. The entire society, the politicians and the media do almost all the time the link between health conditions and reprehensible actions. Mental health diagnoses and conditions always end up being blamed and related to violence. And that is done systematically in all contexts, without even a majority sees something serious.

Why do people automatically blame mental illness for violence?

Because we live in a psycho-phobic system that maintains highly devaluing and negative ideas about people with mental health issues. They automatically become perceived as dangerous, bizarre, unpredictable, excessive, violent, manipulative and inferior.

This is terribly serious. People with mental health problems experience injustices, hardships and inequalities on a daily basis. They receive the heavy weight and the consequences of prejudice and stereotypes. All this in addition to having to undergo the trying symptoms of their conditions.

People living with mental health issues are no more dangerous and threatening than anyone else. On the contrary, it is precisely these same people who are all identified and categorized as “dangerous mental patients”, who are in fact the most victims of hate, violent, verbal and sexual crimes in society.

Why do so many men commit kill women?

It’s not because of mental illnesses. It is because of dirty racism, xenophobia and white supremacist. It is because of this toxic sexism that hypocritically classifies all people who are not cisgender men as inferior objects who must obey and please at all times.

So rather than treating the person responsible for a mental attack and shouting diagnoses as if they were insults, one would have to start by understanding and finally admit that the problem does not reside at all in people who live with mental health disorders.

It resides in the patriarchal violent, misogynistic, psycho-phobic, racist, and sexist system. This same system spreads toxic masculinity, violence and complete hatred of all marginalized people.

These people have the right to exist, to be safe and to be respected. It is essential to stop the spread of infamous prejudices that significantly affect their lives. This is definitely how the number of hate crimes will eventually decline.


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