Your body belongs to you

This week has blessed us with amazingly warm sunny days. Now that the long awaited summer weather is finally here, it is important to understand that you can wear all the clothes you want. You have the right to wear whatever you like, regardless of your appearance, weight and gender. Your body belongs to you, and your clothes do not define your value, your personality and the state of your consent.

#bathingsuit - TopicsWithPassionWhether you’re wearing crop tops, mini shorts, bikinis, low-cut camisoles, body-hugging dresses, or any piece that reveals parts of your body, this does not in any way give permission to anyone to catcalling, ridiculing, judging, preying, harassing or otherwise. This is indeed something that can be very difficult, given people’s phobia of being fat that is very present daily in all spheres of life.

Your outfit does not justify the actions and comments of others. Wearing clothes that reveal the skin is not a call to sexuality, catcalls and harassment. This is not a sign of consent. Never.

Wearing less covering clothes does not make you “bitchy”, “superficial”, “less intelligent” or “sexual”. All the clothes you love will look great, even if they do not meet the standards, which are really problematic and ridiculous.

#summer - TopicswithPassion.blogIt is not easy to deconstruct these thoughts, especially not with the negative repercussions they have on self-esteem. It’s also important not to feel guilty and put pressure on you to wear things that reveal more about the skin. You have to feel comfortable and do it well, it’s essential for your own well-being.

You are all beautiful, and no one has the right to your choices, your body and your will. Never forget it. Never forget that you are a beautiful person, no matter what your weight and your figure.

I sincerely believe that if society had been more evolved and mentalities different, we would be in a world so different today! I also believe that the more we accept ourselves how we are and speak up when we hear someone who is being disrespectful that we can get that different world.


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