World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

1 in 6 older adults has been abused in the past year. Women are at greater risk of experiencing elder abuse from a family member, accounting for 60% of senior survivors of family violence.

Abuse comes in many forms:

Elder abuse - TopicsWithPassion.blogA carer has been caught on camera slapping and shouting at an elderly dementia patient in her own home. The woman was sacked by her employer and given a police caution.

The first attendant told the elderly woman a heartbreaking story about being a single mother of four children living in poverty. She almost succeeded in having the elderly woman change her will to give everything to the nurse.

The second attendant would bring the elderly woman to help her with groceries, but would actually pass her own shopping on the elderly woman’s credit card.

Salaries of misery, overwork, crazy schedules. Are we creating the issues?

Have you witnessed elder abuse? Act! There is too much abuse of abuse not denounced.  Have courage and compassion. 

In Canada, you can call the Elder Abuse Help Line:1 888 489-ABUS. A counsellor will advise you in order to put an end to a situation of physical, psychological or financial abuse. Whether you are a senior, a family member, a caregiver, an advocate or a staff member, do not hesitate, because together, we are stronger than abuse. 


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