Happy Father’s Day

On this special day. I want to give a special shout out to …

  • The father who deals with the baby’s crying, who cradles him, who changes his diapers and who teaches him the first words. 
  • To the father who is not “helping” the mother, but being a responsible father. 
  • To bottle-feeding fathers who seek remedies for colic from their babies, who buy diapers or bathe their children.
  • To fathers who are simply exercise their father’s role.

The figure of the father is as important as that of the mother. A father is someone who knows how to be present, who loves, who cares and who is responsible for what makes sense in his life, namely his family. 

Father's Day - TopicsWithPassion.blogGood fatherhood and good motherhood do not come from the sexes, but from people. Each spouse is aware of their own needs and will apply their own education and attention according to their characteristics. That is, it is the members who determine the distribution and responsibilities of the household according to their availability.

Being in agreement, being an accomplice of each other and knowing that caring for children is the mutual and not exclusive responsibility of one of the two will create this favorable harmony in which the child will grow up in happiness and first and foremost a good example.


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