Pets are good for your health

Pets are good for your health even when you are sick or should I say especially when you are sick.

I recently caught one of my kid’s cold. It’s one of the many joys of parenting.

In my case means that on top of having Graves’ Disease, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma and (still untreated) sleep apnea, I have an extra issue that stops me from having a good night sleep. I currently look like a zombie … and feel like one.

Logging some time with your furry friends is proven to help you feel happier. Animals offer a kind of companionship that doesn’t drain our energy by expecting constant conversation. They replenish us by offering comfort beyond words.

IMG_0242Pets also can tell when you aren’t feeling well. My cat has been placing her paw on my leg every time I wake up in a coughing fit.

Last night, she lay on top of my legs as I stretch under the covers getting ready for sleep. I guess she still hasn’t learned I have restless leg syndrome and I will do the entire routine of “Lord of the Dance” before falling asleep.

Talking to your pet the way you would a close friend or family member is beneficial for both mental and physical health.


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