Check your posture

It’s human nature to try and avoid or minimize pain. I catch myself a lot sitting in horrible position as I try to find a way deal with the pain I am feeling. Unfortunately, sitting, laying or standing with poor form can create additional pressure in muscles and joints and compound any joint and muscle aches you already have. It’s a blade with 2 edges.
#posture - TopcisWithPassion.blogThink about standing tall with your shoulders pulled back. If you have to sit all day at work, ensure you have a supportive chair and try not to slouch forwards.
Stretching exercises such as Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates are good for correcting postural problems. I have to admit that I’m terrible at yoga. Mostly because a lot of the positions are currently impossible due to pain and muscle weakness. I have a list of yoga position I can achieve. Every little bits help.
Seeing a chiropractor also helps. I’ve been seeing one for months now. It’s helped understand some of the issues and triggers that bring on fibro flareups.
The way I see it, if you make sure that all the items you can control about your health are top shape, the better you will be able to fight against what you can’t control.
“To anyone that doesn’t believe in fibromyalgia: I dare you to spend five minutes in my body on a day when I’m in pain, and then try and say it again.” – Lady Gaga

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