Diversity in business

Diversity in business is important. Cultural, gender, sexual orientation, and age diversity also invites diversity of thought and experience. Diversity means that there are people from numerous gender, sexual orientation, language, cultural and religious background, etc. Diversity is a vague notion that ranges from the diversity of genres to the diversity of opinions, passing through the diversity of hopes, colors, interests, tastes and diversity in everything.

We also have to be careful that you aren’t simply hiring people of different backgrounds to “look” good. For example, I once worked for a company that was okay with having workers of all age, sex and cultural background as long as the image of the company stayed white. That’s not okay.

Let’s be the country…that sees dignity in diversity. Let’s make sure we have diversity in business.


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  1. I agree tokenism isn’t useful to anyone. True diversity means really seeing people’s ability regardless of what category they happen to fall into.

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