Boys and Consent

Let’s talk about boys and consent. Isn’t it strange on all women have been victim or know someone who’s been victim of sexual harassment or rape, but most men don’t know any harassers or rapist? 

#consent - TopicsWithPassion.blogWe must act with boys on the concepts of consent, equality and respect for the limits of the other. They must be made aware of the consequences of the actions they can take.

Let’s be the generation of parents who will teach their sons to act respectfully instead of only teaching our daughters to beware. As a mother and step-mother of both boys and girls, I strongly believe in this. Too much of our energy is spent teaching our daughters how to avoid danger and not enough time to teach our sons to act respectfully, to step up when they see someone acting disrespectfully.

Everyone has a meaningful role to play in promoting gender equality and the right of all women & children to lead healthy lives free of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.


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  1. Men/boys can be the victim of harrassment, not just women. My son is in high school and I can think of at least three girls that he goes to school with that don’t respect boundaries. These girls are pretty out there with there behaviors. One used to stand in front of our house if she thought my son had a certain friend over.
    I think the metoo movement has been great on calling out men on their history of bad behavior. Yes we need to teach our sons to be respectful. But I would hope we would not make such broad statements to portray men as only being the harrassers.

    1. True. Some parents think avoiding the subject altogether is the way to go, but unfortunately all children need guidance and it shouldn’t be coming from whatever site they fall onto on the Internet.

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