Pool Therapy

I always loved summer. I live in Canada, so summer is such a beautiful yet way too short season. It’s important to take advantage every moment of it. The way I take advantage of it is pool therapy.

#Fibromyalgia - TopicsWithPassion.blogI’ve always been an outdoorsy person. I love camping (tent optional), hiking, geocaching, canoeing, swimming, etc. That’s why getting Fibromyalgia, losing control over my own body and struggling to walk was such a difficult thing to accept. Everything I love was suddenly impossible or extremely difficult to do.

I’ve gain a new appreciation of summer now that we have a pool in the backyard. I have found that having a pool is an incredible pain management tool with my Fibromyalgia. Passing time every day in the cool pool followed by a warm shower helps with inflammation and pain.

Doing stretching exercise in the pool is also easier and just as effective. Exercise gets blood flow to muscles and tendons that are too often clenching from pain. If you’re in the water, your joints are not being stressed during exercise.

Studies from Spain indicate that water aerobics improves quality of life for women with fibromyalgia pain in the long-term.

What are your seasonal tips for handling Fibromyalgia?


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