Mental and other invisible illnesses

Do you suffer from mental and other invisible illnesses? We often try to control all of our more negative emotions, to prevent tears from flowing, to suppress the internal depression that is so difficult to live. We try to hide our inner turmoil. It feels like it’s an absolute shame to feel bad, to lack energy and motivation to function.

#comparison - TopicsWithPassion.bogWe only want to continue the hectic pace of everyday life without missing a beat. We don’t want to feel bad, we don’t want to be sick. Especially not when the wounds are internal, mental and/or from an invisible chronic illness.

It is less complicated and disturbing for everyone to have a small flu. No discomfort, no judgment in the eye with every avoiding look.

Mental health disorder and invisible chronic illness, these words are scary and suddenly drive away the entourage.

The self-image changes over the course of the day, deteriorates with self-deprecation and guilt that seem endless. We are worth nothing. We are weak. We are cowardly. We lack motivation. All is our fault.

These thoughts become so invasive that the space left for the positive disappears. The passing days become a burden, just as our person also seems to be becoming for the entire planet. At least, that’s what we firmly believe. This is not the reality.

model-829048_1920The reality is that being affected by a mental health disorder and/or and invisible chronic illness is not shameful, and is never synonymous with weakness or cowardice. These are health conditions, which must be respected, legitimized and regulated, like any other health concern, whether physical or mental.

A person is not guilty or responsible for his / her symptoms, disorders and condition. They are worth as much and as much as the others. It is not and will never be a burden. His life is sincerely important, as is the whole of his person.


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