Your whole life is a priority

Your whole life is a priority, as is your well-being, as well as your mental and physical health.

You have the right to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. I see my dad who has depression and says he’s strong enough to handle it himself. He doesn’t see that the one whose truly paying for his choice is my mom who is on the receiving end of his mood bursts.

#WorldAIDsDay - TopicsWtihPassion.blogYou deserve to be loved. No matter how broken you may feel, everyone deserves to be loved for who they truly area.

You have the right to be off work. Many work place make you feel guilty for using your vacation time. Time off isn’t only a right, but a necessity.

You have the right to consult psychologists and psychiatrists.Mental health is just as important has physical health. You have the right to follow individual and/or group therapies.

You have the right to cry. Emotions shouldn’t be a considered a bad word. It’s time we remember that emotions/feelings aren’t bad words. We have them for a reason. We shouldn’t be suppressing or hiding them. Your emotions belong to you, and you choose how you want to express them. You deserve to be supported and listened to. You have the right to talk about your emotions.

You have the right to eat meals that please you. You should be able to enjoy eating meals. I see so many coworkers who rush through lunch because they are so worried about weight or the latest health craze that they forget food can be a wonderful experience.

surgery-1822458_1920You have the right to go to the hospital. Too many of us with chronic illness are afraid of going to the hospital because we don’t want people to think we are exaggerating or that we are addicted to pain medication. Please don’t let other people’s judgemental hang ups keep you from getting the medical help you need and deserve.

You have the right to spend time with your loved ones.Yes, we all need work to survive. We must remember the reason why we are working is so we can have a beautiful life with the people we love. If works takes over too much and takes away that quality time with our loved ones, it’s no longer a life.

You have the right to receive financial assistance benefits.A few years ago we really hit a bad economical patch. One of our kids’ school nominated us without our knowledge for a Christmas basket. I will remember the relief that this act of kindness brought to our family in a moment where we couldn’t afford to pay rent and feed our family.  Yet, we still felt that we didn’t deserve it. That others are more in need. We’ve been told so often to stop complaining because there is always someone in a worst situation. Guess what all situation deserve help.

#weekend - TopicsWithPassion.blogYou have the right to rest and do nothing. I’m home sick with really bad back pain and I still felt pressured to clean the house. In my mind it would be unfair to leave the house a mess for my husband to clean after he went to work all day and I was home. He had to remind me that staying home was to take care of my health not fill my day with house chore and feel just as bad if not worse because I didn’t put myself first.

You have the right to stay at home. This morning I felt horrible. I knew that if I called in sick at work, I would be viewed as unreliable and probably faking to get a longer weekend. I still did it. I had to remind myself that my physical and mental health was more important than my reputation. You have the right to do everything necessary to promote your health.

You have the right to take medication. Too many of us develop the bad habit we picked up from years of medical stigma to minimize our pain and avoid talking about our more minor symptoms until they get so bad that it’s damaging our quality of life. Only then do we deem them important enough. We are so afraid of being seen as exaggerating or as a hypochondriac that we end up suffering in silence and making things worse for ourselves. The shaming of people in pain has to stop.

You have the right to take naps. Ever since I got sick, I have realized that value of naps. They can truly help you add or restore quality of life.



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