Slow driver? Keep to the right lane

It has all happened to us. It happens almost every day. Driving on the highway, it is too common to slow down because of motorists who move at lower speed in the left lane clearly not trying to bypass anyone in the right lane. We grumble wondering what they are thinking? “I paid my taxes so I can drive on any lane I want?” No, actually, you can’t.

Highway Safety Code - TopicsWithPassion.blogDid you know? Under section 324 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code, it is stipulated that “on a road with two lanes of one-way traffic, the driver of a road vehicle must use the far right lane”. It is added that “on a roadway with three lanes or more of one-way traffic, it must use one of the right lanes”.

This means that if you do not have to overtake, turn or avoid an obstacle, the left lane is not for you!

It is written in black and white in the Highway Safety Code that driving on the extreme left lane for no reason is not allowed. So why do people still do it? 

It could be that the fine related to this offense is not very intimidating, with an amount that can range between $ 60 and $ 120.

It could be that the police force doesn’t seem to apply this regulation. It seems to have been completely forgotten. It’s fine to make laws, but you also have to apply them and make sure the message is understood.

On highways in the United States and even elsewhere in Canada, it is not uncommon to cross signs that read “Keep right except to pass”. We should have those on the side of Quebec highways too.

In the meantime, the left lanes will keep being overtaken by the drivers who violate the Highway Safety Code, sometimes without even knowing it. I have a friend who’s driver course teacher told her that the right lane was reserved to motorist entering and leaving the highway and that you should always drive in the middle or left lane. That false knowledge was given by a driving course! Shouldn’t they know the Highway Safety Code?



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