Multi-tasking is the superpower I lost

We live in a world that values business and fast paste. We therefore often in environments that are full of distraction. I used to thrive in this world and multitasking was one of my superpowers. It’s one I no longer have. Multi-tasking is the superpower I lost.

In the last few years, due to health issues, that reality has changed. I am now on the outside realizing how our world is extremely unkind to anyone living with a disability.

Now,  if my kids or the television are loud, or someone walks into the room, it can steal my attention from the conversation and I’ll miss a chunk of it. This morning, someone asked me a question as I was walking and found myself standing at reception wondering where I was going. I completely forgot what I was doing before the interruption. Multi-tasking is the superpower I lost.


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