You were fine yesterday!

Just because someone is living with chronic pain / fibromyalgia doesn’t mean that they have the same amount of pain all the time. Conditions that cause chronic pain are unpredictable and have flare-ups and periods where it isn’t as bad. It’s quite possible to feel good enough one day to make it to an event, and then the next day be in so much pain you can’t make it out of bed. “You were fine yesterday!”

It’s also okay to go to an event knowing that it will cause a flare up. We can’t stop living completely. For example, I recently when to Comic Con Montreal. We rented a wheelchair, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay standing or walking long enough to enjoy my day. Even with a wheelchair, I was still in incredible pain when I returned home. I ended up falling asleep or unconscious to escape the pain and sleeping until the next morning. It was still worth it.

Don’t make assumptions about how someone is feeling based on a single event. Don’t think that because she or he post a happy picture on their social media that they are faking their pain because they can’t make it to another event.

Living with chronic pain / fibromyalgia means learning to surf the waves.


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