The value of silence

In today’s busy life, it’s easy to forget the value of silence. I’m an introvert and I need moments of silence to feel good.

For some they take that time to meditate. I am unable to do so in the traditional way. I can’t listen to soft music and a recording of someone guiding my thoughts. It makes my thoughts even more chaotic. Being alone surround by silence is all I need. Having this moment surrounded by nature is even better.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy silence. The idea is to find what works for you.

“Silence creates space in our lives. It allows us to pause between moments, to process and reflect, to see beyond the surface into the depths of our lives. When we cut out silence, we cheat ourselves out of the fullness that life has to offer. Only in the silence can we truly hear the whispers coming from within us, urging us towards our highest potential… Without silence, we keep moving forward, not really knowing where we are or where we want to go.” ~Kiara Elliott


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