Stop judging moms

It’s time to stop judging moms for how they feed their babies. As long as the child is fed, it’s none of our business whether the mom is breast feeding or bottle feeding.

I did not breastfeed my daughter. I had a breast reduction when I was in college and couldn’t breast feed. Honestly, I am glad I had that excuse, because the thought of breastfeeding wasn’t appealing for me.

That being said, I think that anyone complaining about a women breastfeeding her child is out of their minds. I truly believe the only reason why breastfeeding is a  public outcry  is only because it reminds people that breast aren’t just about sex and pleasing your partner.  The only reason why people think breastfeeding offensive in public is because we are taught that breasts are “private” or sex objects from the time we are kids.

I know a lot of people thought I was crazy for getting a breast reduction in college. I wasn’t married yet. Why would I willingly get scars around my breasts? No one would want me. As if breast were the only thing of value I had. Well, guess what. I am married and have kids, so I guess there is more to me than the size and beauty of my breasts.


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