Menstrual Cycle and Fibromyalgia

I wanted to talk about our menstrual cycle and Fibromyalgia. This comes from my own observation only and not from actual medical research. You have been warned. Every time I start my time of the month, I get really bad migraines and my Fibromyalgia flares up. Pain hits another heightened level.

Last night I was waken up by a migraine only to realize that I had no migraine medicine left. I remembered that my sleeping pill have a migraine pain agent in them and took another one. I slept until noon because of this, but the most intense part of the migraine attack is gone. Now all that is left is extreme muscle pain, exhaustion (yep, still tired even after over 14 hours of sleep) and no will to do anything. Thank goodness it’s the weekend.


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  1. I don’t suffer Fibromyalgia, but I understand how it can affect a person. Migraines I do understand as someone who used to get them. I say used to, as it has been 4 years, or a little longer from having one. When I did have a migraine, it would normally be occasionally. But I have had two of them that lasted a few days each, which was triggered by stress.

    Migraine alone is tiring when you get it bad, but to have it on top of Fibromyalgia, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling.

    Rest up and I hope you feel your more usual self soon.

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