Smoke pot? Think of your neighbors

Smoking pot is about to become legal. I have no issues with this.

A few years ago I lived in an apartment building with my little family. My downstairs neighbor was a heavy pot smoker. It used to come though the walls and the vents and our apartment smelled strongly like pot every time he lit up. I don’t smoke myself and I don’t like the smell of it. I also worried what this second hand smoke was doing to our kids. At that time, we could complain because pot wasn’t legal, but soon it will be. I feel bad for all these families who will live through this.

An owner still can not impose a no-smoking clause in an existing lease, at least for now. The Régie du logement considers that “the addition of this clause constitutes an infringement of the tenant’s right to remain in the premises”. However, a clause prohibiting the smoking of cannabis – or tobacco – may be included when a lease is signed with a new tenant.

So if you’ve lived in your apartment for a few years and don’t have an exclusion, the building owner cannot stop you from smoking pot. I understand that you have the right to enjoy your living space and to feel comfortable in your own apartment, but so do your neighbors.




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