Our obsession with being thin

I wanted to talk about our obsession with being thin. A friend of mine recently had a very public meltdown and I thought it was worth writing a blog about it to spread awareness of this issue.

People in her life and perfect strangers alike keep commenting on her weight, praising her for looking thin or looking like she lost weight.The problem is that her weight loss and thinness is not a good thing. Let me explain.

People who know her, should be more conscientious about this since they know that she struggles with multiple autoimmune diseases, that she is chronically ill, one of them being diabetes type 1. One of the symptom is weight loss, especially when she is unwell. This means that when she is losing weight, she is sick and can absolutely die from this. This is not something she likes or that makes her happy. Yet, the sicker she gets, the happier people are about her looks and encourage her to keep it up. How disturbing is this?

There has been moment in her life when she gained weight when her diabetes is under control and it hurts her to have people criticize her for gaining weight and celebrate when she loses weight. Don’t tell me people are looking after her well being. They absolutely don’t care about health.

Lately she’s been very unwell, with her diabetes being all over the place due to stress and other illnesses acting up. That’s the thing about being chronically ill, you don’t control the ups and downs, no matter how much you wish you could. She has lost a lot of weight and people are praising her for it instead of worrying about her health.

We are giving people the message that it’s better to be death and pretty, than alive and fat. That is absolutely horrible and it must change!

Stop commenting on people’s weight. You do not know their story. If you do and still comment, then you are a terrible person. Stop praising people for weight loss or weight gain. You are not helping anyone.


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  1. In the past people have complimented me on my weight loss, not realizing I wasn’t eating because I was so depressed. When I lose weight it’s generally a very bad sign, and it frustrates me that people treat it like a good thing.

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